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diving school Gran Canaria - https://topdiving.net/ - Added on 2018-12-14 12:37:42

For experienced divers, our dive sites are the best available off the south coast of Gran Canaria and are easily and quickly reached by our boat. With our location there are no car journeys to get to the boat! So you get to spend more time doing what you came to do.. Dive! Looking to get PADI certified? We offer the whole range of PADI courses from the two day PADI Scuba Diver Course, the PADI Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver all the way up to PADI Divemaster Training. We also teach more than 10 PADI Specialties. Top Diving is fully compliant with local rules and regulations. our instructors are highly qualified and fluent in several European languages including English, Danish, German, Dutch, French and Spanish. We offer free pick-ups at your hotel in the area. - [Read More]

EVisa to Sri Lanka for US Citizens - https://evisame.com/blog/evisa/e-visa-to-sri-lanka-for-us-citizens/ - Added on 2019-02-06 13:27:46

If you are a US citizen and Sri Lanka is one of the destinations on your bucket list, then you have to apply for an e-visa to Sri Lanka for US citizen. People from all over the world are visiting Sri Lanka and you would not regret doing the same. If you are worried about the long lines at the embassies, it’s time you drop all your worries because the embassies have now come up with an option to apply for a visa online in order to reduce the workload on its employees. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and it has remained severely unexplored for ages . Thousands of people visit the country, but they forget about all the beauty that it has to offer. They see the bustling streets in the cities and categorize Sri Lanka as a crowded nation with little to offer, while wonderful landscapes and tea gardens remain largely ignored. s. - [Read More]

Luxury Holidays in Italy - https://www.visitsardinia.vip/ - Added on 2019-03-17 19:24:54

Let us create a special travel for you! We are top travel and event designers for your holidays in Italy, Sardinia and Corsica. All the best for your Italian gateway – accommodation in the selected hotels, villas or apartments, romantic holidays, families with kids, food and wine experience, yacht and boat charters, sport and activities, weddings and incentives, private concierge and luxury service. Take a look at our exclusive tailor-made tours and programs – the most exclusive offers that our company and Sardinia can offer you! - [Read More]

Varanasi boat ride - https://www.tripexplora.com/ - Added on 2019-03-22 07:43:17

Manikarnika Ghat is considered and said to be one of the holiest and oldest among all the other sacred riverfronts (Ghats), parallel to the river Ganga. It is believed that a dead human's soul finds salvation (moksha), on being cremated here. Hence the number of the elderly across the whole country seek to walk up to the Ghats shores and spend their last days intaking and memorising the glamour of the Ghat - which makes even death painless and vague to be appraised upon. In India, death is considered as a portal to another life received as a result of our past actions, more likely to be known as Karma. The Hindu ancestry enrols of Varanasi are kept here. The Manikarnika Ghat is mentioned in a Gupta engraving of the 5th century. It is admired among the Hindu devotees. When Mata Sati also was known as Aadi shakti Mata sacrificed her life & set her body on fire after Raja Daksh Prajapati who was one of the sons of Lord Brahma attempted to embarrass Lord Shiva in a Yagya practised by him. Lord Shiva took her burning body to the Himalaya and wept for years. On seeing the constant agony of Lord Shiva, Vishnu sends the celestial chakra to cut the body of Mata Sati into 51 parts which fall on the earth. They are called "Ekannya Shaktipeeth". Lord Shiva established Shakti Peeth wherever Mata Sati's body pieces had fallen. Mata Sati's ornament from her ears had fallen at Manikarnika Ghat. - [Read More]

Ephesus Tours - https://turkeytourorganizer.com/ - Added on 2019-04-01 15:25:58

Ankara - Golbasi Ankara is the capital of Turkey located in the middle of the country. There are various clubs from mountain climbing to kayaking and most of them are within the respected universities of Turkey. Golbasi is a small city located in the south of the city and there is a paragliding club there which if very good for beginners and the club trains a lot of people during the course of the year. You might be visiting Ankara for a meeting so a paragliding break will be the highlight of your stay in Ankara city. Cappadocia Hot air ballooning is a big industry in Cappadocia that you can easily book and experience it. It does not require any training or certificates but if you are seeking some more adrenaline, the slopes of the mighty Erciyes volcanic mountain awaits you. It is the tallest volcanic mountain if Cappadocia region and it is responsible for the volcanic nature of the area. Since it is standing like a high rise in the middle of the central Anatolian plate, the mountain has lot of slopes convenient for paragliding. Winds are not always convenient for a scenic paragliding in the center of Cappadocia but Erciyes mountain gives the alternative flight experience with spectacular views of center of Anatolia accompanied by the volcanic mountain itself. - [Read More]

Aktuelle Urlaubsangebote - https://urlaubspanda.at/ - Added on 2019-04-03 17:40:21

Schaut auf Holidaycheck vorbei und nehmt dieses Angebot etwas genauer unter die Lupe. Zakynthos Urlaub: Ihr verbringt 7 Nachte im top 3 Sterne Vasilikos Beach Hotel (100% Weiterempfehlung aus 90 Bewertungen) in Vasilikos inklusive Fruhstuck, den Flugen ab Wien oder Munchen und dem Transfer fur nur 398€ pro Person, bei einer Reise zu zweit. Euer Hotel bietet euch alles, was ihr fur einen gelungenen Aufenthalt benotigt, denn es befindet sich nicht nur in der schonen Stadt Vasilikos sondern ist auch nur 150 m von 2 km langen Sandstrand entfernt. Fuhlt die Freiheit, aus eurem Zimmer direkt zum Kamari-Strand zu kommen, indem ihr barfuß mit losen Klamotten, unter der griechischen Sonne, mit der erfrischenden Meeresbrise spazieren gehen. Die einzigartige Lage, die kurzliche Renovierung der Zimmer, die Naturlichkeit, die schlichte Eleganz der Zimmer und die geringe Große tragen zur Schaffung einer besonderen Mischung aus personlichem Service in einer Umgebung beispielloser naturlicher Schonheit und Komfort bei. Es verfugt uber einen Pool mit Poolbar – Schirme und Liegen stehen kostenlos am Pool zur Verfugung. Fluge, Transfers und tagliches Fruhstuck sind bei diesem Angebot inklusive. - [Read More]

tours en San Blas - https://www.taotravel365.com/san-blas-day-tour - Added on 2019-05-29 16:17:09

The origins of San Blas Mexico date back to the late seventeenth century, a time when the port was constructed as a shipyard and point of departure for the colonization expeditions of the Spanish Crown. This town was founded by Nuno Beltran de Guzman in 1530, although King Charles III of Spain did not recognize it as a deep sea port until 1768. This was the same year that Franciscan friars led by Friar Junipero Serra headed out of San Blas towards the Nuestra Senora de Loreto Mission on a quest to colonize the Californias. In San Blas Mexico, the first maritime customs house on the Pacific was established, and the town became the most important of the region during the Colonial period. Be sure to visit the historic buildings of the port to learn the history of San Blas first hand through the stories of its chroniclers, people, and architecture; silent witnesses to the events of the past. Your tour can begin in the Contaduria, a stronghold constructed in 1770 atop the San Basilio Hill, and where the accounting offices of the colonial hacienda were established. - [Read More]

ETIAS Official - https://www.etia.com/ - Added on 2019-08-22 13:58:08

All you need to apply is a valid passport and a completed ETIAS application. Because it's a visa waiver, you don't have to navigate through the complexity of applying for a Schengen European visa . Unlike a visa application, ETIAS doesn't require an interview at embassy or consulate. This alone can save you a significant amount of stateside travel and associated costs to get to the embassy or consulate nearest to you - giving you more time and money to spend when you actually travel to Europe.ETIAS, the European Travel Information System, provides qualifying visitors a visa waiver when traveling to the Schengen Area, a group of European countries that have agreed upon who can visit and how long they can stay. The Schengen Area was created by the European Union, or EU, in the spirit of harmonious and free travel between borders and has grown to 26 countries – most are in the EU but some are not. Given the influx of international travelers to the Schengen Area, more comprehensive security checks have had to be put in place. ETIAS, much like ESTA in the United States, will create centralized data on who is visiting and why, providing enhanced security for all. - [Read More]


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