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Smoking Survey

Title: Smoking Survey
URL: http://www.topcheapcigarettes.com/
Description: We are doing a survey on tobacco use in my science class and I thought that this would be the perfect place to ask! Just answer the questions and that's it. And thanks for doing the survey, because this will really help me out with my homework! :) 1. How old are you? 2. How much do you smoke per day? 3. When did you start smoking? 4. (Scale of 1-10) Does it effect you in the morning? (Dizziness, cough, soar throat, lungs hurting, etc.) 5. Does it keep you from doing daily activities that you once did before you started smoking? 6. How did you start? 7. (Scale of 1-10) How much do you like to smoke? Add any additional info if you want! It will help me out even more. Thanks!1. Late thirty something. 2. Between 20 and 25 cigarettes. 3. About 15 years old. 4. 2 5. No. 6. I saw how much people around me enjoyed smoking, so I picked up a pack and gave it a try. 7. 10 I'm glad you asked and I hope this helps with your science project. -pleasur

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