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Wen / Zhang Pujie

Title: Wen / Zhang Pujie
URL: http://www.calclub.net
Description:     Wen / Zhang Pujie   Vietnam Indochina Peninsula in the east, north and China to the west with Laos, Cambodia border, facing the South China Sea, east and south, the coastline length of over 3260 km. In the history of Vietnam has long attached to China, and as a province of China exists.     tenth century AD, the Five Dynasties and Ten States, Cochin rebellion. 938 AD, ten countries South Han regime governing cross-state rebellion, static naval parade out Bingtao Jiedushi Liu Hong, Iowa (now Vietnam Thanh Hoa), Wu teeth right in Haimen town ambush defeated Liu Hong parade the following year king. AD 968 years towards establishing more Nightingale, Annan eventual establishment of a national, but has been as a vassal or a vassal state of China.     fourteen century, the consort Li quarter (sound li, two tone) to kill Chen, 2009, and the massacre of Chen clan hundred people, usurped Chen regime. Lij

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