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Description: And he also understands there is day and people beyond reason, feeling kind of lonely at the top will no longer appear, "Oh, my name is of Ye Xiao Ye Xiao Ye, Ye Xiao Xiao Ye Xiao faint smile laugh, but also take the initiative to reach out his right hand, and as a percentage of cloth grip with his self-introduction appears to be a nonsense, but it is actually a powerful self-confidence, Ye Xiao itself has a title "Ye Xiao ? "accounting cloth and raloxifene opening their eyes? Around a lot of people are surprised a moment, as if the name was familiar, like? Even Kaqi some confused, the name seems to have heard where, why so familiar with it? "You are the God King, the Custodian of the Holy See, Ye Xiao?" See Ye Xiao nodded, accounting for cloth finally thought of the meaning of the name "Well ..." Ye Xiao is forced nodded around to see the horror of those who eyes, his heart is so comfortable, able to defeat at the hand of God, the king of law enforcement, I am convinced ... "accounti

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