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Clipping Path, Masking, Retouching, Image Manipulation Service. - http://www.clippingpath-indian.com - Added on 2015-01-22 01:24:58

Clipping Path Indian is an image editing service provider is especially skilled on clipping path, masking, retouching, neck joint, logo design & vector design. - [Read More]

Fashion Inbox - http://fashioninbox.com - Added on 2015-01-20 08:17:30

Fashion Inbox provides you info about Pakistani latest Wearing Trends, Pakistani Fashion news, Pakistani Fashion shows, Pakistani Celebrities interviews, Pakistani Fashion, Pakistani Fashion Designers, Pakistani Models, Indian fashion, Indian models, Indian celebrities, Indian Designers, international fashion trends, World fashion updates and about Living and lifestyle. - [Read More]

Welding Table - https://www.weldingsuppliesdirect.co.uk/ - Added on 2020-11-20 13:46:39

These welding tables are manufactured to the highest standards in Poland, Europe by GPPH. GPPH's range of welding benches and tables are laser cut for precision and are used in every branch of industry. These welding tables offer perfect flatness (+/- 0.5MM) & are made from 15MM thick S355J2+N grade steel. The hole system that these welding benches offer make precise construction a much quicker process when used in conjunction with the optional tool sets. Batch work processing times can be cut in half when you eliminate the measure and exact angle arrangement of individual parts - this makes producing the same item simple and fast. Metal work requires special tools to join two pieces together, which is where a spot welder comes into place. This type of resistance welding is an old yet effective method depending on the project. Understanding how it works helps you figure out if spot welding will work for your project. The goal of spot welding is to permanently attach two separate pieces of metal. The welding takes place at specific points, which are circular points. This type of welding is often used in the automotive industry to create the actual body of the vehicle by spot welding metal together. Other common uses include aerospace, metal furniture and electronics. Spot welding works through conductive heating, which is created by an electrical current. Classic spot welding positions two copper alloy electrodes, which hold the two pieces of metal together. Copper offers high thermal conductivity with low electrical resistance, making it an ideal way to focus the heat into the metal instead of in the electrodes themselves. The electrical current flows through the electrodes, creating concentrated heat to melt the metal. The melting causes the two pieces of metal to stick together in that spot. The electrical current only runs for a short time because once the pieces of metal fuse together, the current is no longer needed. However, the electrodes continue applying pressure until the melted metal solidifies into a secure joint. Welds created through this process are typically between 3 and 12.5 millimeters in diameter, with the size affecting the strength of the joint created. The welds are repeated at regular intervals to effectively join the two pieces. A similar process is seam welding, which uses the same resistance welding method. Instead of a shaped electrode that stays in one spot, seam welding uses wheel-shaped electrodes. The metal moves through those electrodes, which roll along the seam to create joints between the sheets of metal. You can use spot welding for a variety of metal materials, including sheets of metal and wire mesh. Steel is a top option because of a low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance. Low-carbon steel is often the best choice, as higher carbon steels may become more brittle at the welds and be more prone to fractures or cracking. Stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys also work well with spot welding. Spot welding can be more challenging on other metals, including aluminum, which requires much higher levels of electrical currents to create welds. Galvanized steel also tends to need higher currents to weld properly using this technique. Zinc alloys, copper and copper alloys may also be more challenging to spot weld. Material thickness is also a consideration. The ideal thickness is up to 3 millimeters, and the process works best when the two pieces being joined are the same thickness. If you're working with different thicknesses, the ideal ratio is no more than 3 to 1. - [Read More]

Clipping path service - https://fotomasking.com/clipping-path-service/ - Added on 2022-08-20 15:21:50

Marketing and promotionsMost e-commerce businesses employ only attractive photos of their items and services in their online retail stores and official websites. This is because they understand the importance of incredible pictures in a promotional or advertising effort. This is where the clipping path service comes in. At a reasonable cost, photo editing service providers who give exceptional clipping path services may simply change all of your ordinary product photographs into appealing and exquisite ones.Business presentations Product ads play a vital part in company performance; many multinational corporations invest almost 80% of their capital in business advertising. This advertisement might be in the form of a televisioncommercial, billboard, or by employing models for posters. The image clipping method is utilized to make these files more appealing and up-to-date.Clipping Path is a fantastic tool for improving logos, photographs, and graphics. These images might be used to make posters, packaging, book illustrations, and other interesting things. As a result, it might be useful for business marketing. The more appealing the presentation, the easier it will be for clients to make judgments. - [Read More]


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