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http://www.buythegear.com/product/survival-multi-tool-knife/ - http://www.buythegear.com/product/survival-multi-tool-knife/ - Added on 2018-02-21 13:02:29

Multi-tool powerhouse-built with tough pliers, longer blades and easy-to-use locks. They’re lightweight, packable, and useful for everyday situations, as well as survival situations. However, there are about forty-thousand different types to chose from and each one boasting a different set of “essential” tools. Each claiming – of course – to be the undisputed best. If you are serious about self-reliability, then carrying a multi tool as part of your everyday carry (EDC) is one of the best habits you can get into. This is one of Leatherman’s more expensive survival multi tools, but also one of its best. The design mimics that of a pocket knife so you can actually access many of the tools even when the tool is in closed position. The superior locking mechanism isn’t just for safety – it means that you can actually exert full pressure on the tools without them giving and thus use the tool for bigger jobs. I also love that the multi tool has one-handed opening. - [Read More]

Plasma cutting machines Ireland - https://www.migwelders.ie/welding-equipment/plasma-cutting-machines.html - Added on 2019-01-25 13:54:16

PLASMA CUTTER GLADIUS 40 is a new generation of a portable equipment for manual plasma cutting. They are equipped with inverter technology and pilot arc controller that ensure an optimal current adjustment, excellent performance and cutting quality with increased capability and speed. GLADIUS machines are combined with a high-quality cutting torch (without HF) specifically tested to obtain the maximum performance. Pilot Arc Controller - Increases cutting capabilities and speed. Extends tip’s life. Ideal for grid cutting. Automatic Protection - Equipped with sensors to protect and alarm for overheating and over-current. Auto Filtering - Air filtering with automatic water drainage (model without compressor). Light Weight - Extremely low weight and versatility. Warranty - 2 years Equipped With • Earth Clamp (with cable) • Hand Cutting Torch SOLARIS M60 (Direct connection) Power Supply Voltage (V): 230V Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz Rated Input Power (KW): 4.8KW Rated Input Current (A): 33A Duty Cycle (40°C 10Min): Max. 60% 40A No Load Voltage (V): 220V Cutting Current Range (A): 20-40 A Severance Cut (mm): 25mm (Carbon Steel) Production Cut (mm): 20mm (Carbon Steel) Net Weight (Kg): 5.7Kg Insulation Class: H Protection Class: IP23 Cooling: AF Use with Power Generator YES - [Read More]

Mag drill - https://www.weldingsuppliesdirect.co.uk/metal-working-tools/mag-drills.html - Added on 2019-11-13 12:16:53

Magnetic drills were initially designed for construction companies to drill a large quantity of holes in structural steel already in place, such as i-beams. They offer increased stability and are easier to use than a hand held drill and also provide better accuracy and cut large diameter holes faster. A secondary benefit to mag drills is they can drill and tap (thread) holes up to 1-5/8? (40mm). For example a common application is to drill a 9/16” (14mm) diameter hole to tap a 5/8? (16mm) thread without moving the machine. Electric magnetic drill presses which are best in most job site situations where electricity is readily available and the work environment is relatively dry. Pneumatic magnetic drill presses where a compressor can be accessed and the job site may be wet or in a hazardous environment. Hydraulic magnetic drill presses which are mainly used for for industrial, construction, and marine drilling applications. The material base to be used must be ferrous metal for the electromagnet to work The steel has to be flat and reasonably clean or the magnet won’t hold onto the surface. Make sure the bottom of the drill is also free from debris. Use a SAFETY chain to secure the drill press because once the power goes out, the tool will let loose of the steel and drop if overhead. - [Read More]


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