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DJ Wimberly

Title: DJ Wimberly
URL: https://djwimberly.com
Description: As the new year gets under way, I want to take the opportunity to speak directly to you – the past and future clients of Wimberly Media Group. It is often said that the new year provides an occasion for reflection. A time for all of us to reminisce on our past successes and setbacks, our highs and lows, and to layout our plans and goals for the future. It’s hard to believe it’s been 21 years since I first launched Wimberly Media Group. In the years that followed, we provided top-notch web design services for our clients. I’m very proud of what we accomplished. 1000+ satisfied clients. Listed as the #1 web design firm on Guru. Featured globally on CNN. It’s been an extraordinary journey. But no new year’s resolution is complete without recognizing and taking responsibility for past mistakes. Mistakes that resulted in me voluntarily shutting down my company. The truth is – despite our many successes – we didn’t always get it right. In spite of all of our accomplishments, I have to also acknowledge where we got it wrong. Looking back, I now understand that I simply wasn’t prepared for the phenomenal growth the company experienced. I didn’t setup the proper organizational infrastructure to handle the multitude of projects we were receiving on a regular basis. And, as tough as it is to admit, I wasn’t always the best leader. I wanted to be in total control, juggled too many hats, and didn’t put trust in others. I was overwhelmed. If that wasn’t enough, I then experienced the most crushing blow of my life – my mother died. My mother was my rock, my strength, my foundation. She believed in me and motivated me to chase my dreams no matter what. When my mother passed away I became lost and unfocused. I just didn’t care much about anyone or anything. All of this led to me not fulfilling my obligation to always provide our clients with the best customer experience possible. I take full responsibility and accountability. No one is perfect. I’ve made my mistakes. And today I choose to be open and honest about them. By owning my mistakes, I’ve learned to not run from problems. I’ve learned to be a better communicator. I’ve learned to trust my team and delegate responsibilities. The reality is that all companies go through growing pains. What’s important is that the proper leadership and structure is in place to allow us to always exceed our customer’s expectations. Yes, with the new year comes new opportunities. 2020 provides us with a new beginning. I am excited to announce the relaunching of our company. I am DJ Wimberly. Welcome to the NEW Wimberly Media Group. I am excited to announce the relaunching of our company. I am DJ Wimberly. Welcome to the NEW Wimberly Media Group.

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