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Title: 57477_252857477_3488
URL: http://www.cheapjordanshoesi.com/
Description: Kaede Matsushima child just gently nodded his head, indicating that they understand the "good" Ye Xiao gently out, he has from Matsushima maple eyes see the insistence of her boss, so I left with you played "card slaves huge figure away from the outside in, broke and said" card slaves ...... "It's time to follow Ye Xiao come Melee players only Matsushima maple card slaves, cold soul and Suo Erna marksmanship expert, do not fit into this arena, from the top strong Xie Chen, although these years great progress in strength, but there are still some distance "boss, I know the danger ranging Ye Xiao finished card slave has been directly open road "" see the determined look of the card slave, Ye Xiao also gently nodded his head, then got up, a Road towards Suoer Na: "If anything should happen, immediately get out of here and tell white, do not take revenge for me after the finish, Ye Xiao directly pressed a button on the box in front of the glass slowly lowered, and then leaves Xiao so go w

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