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Description: Led by violet, they both went to the door of the the tall temple on the mountain, Violet stopped at their own pace, without generals commanded, she can not dare to enter the temple "generals on the inside waiting for two," respectful towards the two do a gesture, please, with her bow, her two groups of peaks hanging down, just exposed a deep gully, a naturally exposed in the Black feel the dark-haired man naked eyes, the eyes of the man the violet contempt of color is concentrated [1039] Mammoth general "tough bones, muscle relaxants, ligaments flexible, this is a fighting players to her strength into the day list should not exist, I did not think the Ka Manluo that guy even do adjutant to attract such a strong woman, but this woman's chest a bit too small, totally inadequate to see ah "on their way to go to temple steps, dark-haired man whispered babbling about a cry, but it sounds just heard violet, violet heart is surprised he even so looked for a moment, to infer their fighting ch

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