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AnimalGames - http://www.animal-games.biz/ - Added on 2015-01-19 18:39:42

Animal-games is probably the greatest internet sites for playing games featuring animals. Loads of different zoo games can be found on this website. All online games present here are absolutely free of violence and manually chosen. All of the online games are chosen manually so this means that this web site is suitable even for small children. There are various types of online pet games present in this web page. - [Read More]

subway surfers game - http://www.favoritegamesplay.com/subway-surfers-game - Added on 2016-02-02 13:27:25

Subway Surfers Game respected and loved our game by Miniclip best quality game maker by Unity 3D game engine. To play the game you need to download the Unity Player. - [Read More]

prize draws - https://www.onlinecompetitions.org/ - Added on 2016-07-09 17:23:09

Only the best free to enter, free to win online competitions, contest and prize draws from all over the world. Accepting free submissions of genuine give aways. - [Read More]

Anime News - DesuneGaming.com - https://desunegaming.com/ - Added on 2018-11-21 13:08:39

What is anime? In its most basic form, anime refers to animation. Interestingly enough, the name itself isn’t an abbreviation of the English word animation. Instead, it’s how you say “animated cartoon” (written ???) in Japanese. To a Japanese viewer, anime is any cartoon, whether it’s made in Japan or not. Outside of Japan, however, the term anime has come to mean “animation made in Japan,” or more broadly, any animated show or movie that uses signature aspects of Japanese-style animation, like vibrant colors, dramatic panning, and characteristic facial expressions. In the U.S., most anime is classified as a niche form of entertainment, especially for adults. It’s looped in alongside other fandoms and often left to the wayside of mainstream entertainment. In Japan, however, anime is a culturally accepted and fairly basic form of entertainment for adults. This difference means that anime contains multitudes, with content produced for a wide range of viewers. Your first mental image of anime might be a spiky-haired magician or a sci-fi robot, but the genre contains multitudes. From drama, action, and romance to historical fiction, horror, comedy, and more—there’s an anime to match any taste. - [Read More]

Mini Militia Mega Mod APK - https://www.minimilitia.org/mega-mod/ - Added on 2018-12-25 13:34:08

There are tons of mods out there, that can help you grow your rank, increase your battle points and even make the game a little more fun to play. But within this enormous sea of modified apps, how would you get to find the right mod for yourself? Like where would you get the perfect combination of features? Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly get a single Mega Mod apk that has all the feature you wish for? Not a problem. We are here to help you download an APK which is known as the Mega mod apk. This apk has over a million download and is used more often than any other apk. Once you start collecting points and reach a threshold of 5000 battle points, you can reorganize the APK to have Pro Pack features in it. Here at www.minimilitia.org, we share all the latest mod APKs for people who are interested in this game. We create modified versions by altering the game files. We do this taking into account that any changes to original apk do not affect the developers or the users in any possible way. The hacks that we provide have additional features that are not present in the regular app available on play store. We also organise online and offline Tournaments at Mini Militia Arena. - [Read More]

IO Games - https://iogames.eu/ - Added on 2019-03-18 16:48:19

Defly.io : We play as a helicopter and have to kill other players and destroy their houses by shooting them. Our objective is also to build a house around our helicopter by clicking on the screen repeatedly. When a player dies, his or her house disappears. By destroying other houses, we move on to the next level. After reaching level twenty, we can upgrade our helicopter. - [Read More]

General knowledge quiz - https://www.siliconflip.com/ - Added on 2019-03-19 07:22:58

The types of questions you will be asked during the game will vary greatly in subject matter. Here is a random example of the type of question you may be asked. How a flipped coin lands - heads or tails - is a totally random 50/50 event. Your score, your game level setting or previous predictions do not influence how the coin lands. SiliconFlip is a free to play online quiz game that will thoroughly test your prediction and general knowledge skills. Since its launch on the 16th of February 2019 the game has been won 1.7588% of the time. - [Read More]

Video games for girls - https://zgames.online/girls/ - Added on 2019-05-08 12:43:37

Play online on ZGames. Games for girls are toys and games specifically designed for girls in the games industry. They can traditionally be associated either exclusively or predominantly with girls by adults, and used by girls as an expression of identity. Games for girls are a whole world of bright and interesting online games, with which every girl can have fun. You are waiting for new exciting dress up. For girls who love fashion, games with fashion fittings will do. Other cooking games and house cleaning. And much more to the girls taste. Regularly updated list of games for fun and playing online on your mobile and PC. We're a place providing free online html5 games for your entertainment. Games playable both on mobile devices and PCs. All games embedded at Zgames.online are owned by their respective authors and developers. - [Read More]


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