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Online Free Games - https://www.brightestgames.com/ - Added on 2019-11-03 12:28:50

If you want to train your brain online or even teaze it we got the perfect puzzle games and logic games and even multiplayer chess games where the real brain battle emerges. Play versus AI or go against other players around the world and train your brain in art or chess online. Come up with the best strategies online while trying some of the best tower defense ( or TD) games. Build turrets or towers to stop the alien invader's troops from reaching Earth in Back2Back the strategy game. Or play funny animal towers defense like Cows vs Vikings: Tower Defence. Or play the most online popular strategy defense game called Kingdom Defense where you must fight with your hero and build towers to stop the evil monsters, wizards, and trolls to reach your kingdom. Have a blast online playing only the best online games from 2019 and enjoy the thrill and adventure brought by the action, adventure and from the arcade games on Brightestgames.com. We are adding new games on a daily basis so you'll always find fresh new content to keep you entertained. We carefully select the best games and leave out the bad ones. If you like our website please feel free to tell your friends about it and to bookmark it or Like BrightestGames.com on Facebook. We are constantly updating and improving the site. We thank you for choosing BrightestGames as your destination for free games online! - [Read More]

InBoxDollars Review - https://yourmoneygeek.com/inboxdollars-review/ - Added on 2019-11-06 11:55:14

Is it hard to make money on InboxDollars? No. But it is time-consuming. The way InboxDollars works, for the mutual benefit of the consumer and sponsors, is that the site bridges the gap between the two. Consumers come to InboxDollars to earn extra cash. Sponsors come to InboxDollars to reach consumers, promote their products, and hopefully secure sales through brand awareness. You are never going to become a millionaire from using InboxDollars, nor are you going to be able to quit your day job. However, if you want a reasonably simple way to make some extra bucks, the site can help you accomplish that goal. If you’re interested in using InboxDollars, you have to be a minimum of 18 years old with a valid email address. When you sign up, you will receive an email prompt to confirm the email address that will then lead you to a multi-page survey. This survey is going to ask you questions. A lot of questions. Some of them are personal, such as an estimate of your household income, and any health-related conditions you have. For those who are uncomfortable disclosing this type of personal insight (which we definitely were), you have the option to select “Prefer not to answer.” Once your survey is complete, you will earn $0.50. Some of the information you provide will determine your eligibility for services and surveys that the site offers. So, it may benefit you to answer each question in its entirety. However, we’re more apt to think that some of the information is for market research for the sponsors who support the site. While this may not seem like a big deal, it may be prudent to consider keeping some of your personal information off of the internet. - [Read More]

truth-or-dare-questions.com - https://truth-or-dare-questions.com/ - Added on 2019-11-29 13:53:20

nice questions for a good game or truth or dare. We want to help you with that and that is why we have developed a large database with many interesting options to use during your game. Truth or Dare is a popular game of embarrassment and has been in existence for centuries. One game, that looks like it, “questions and commands”, where a person asks a question, and if it is not answered, a command follows. Back to our great choice game; Truth or Dare, it requires two or more players. Each player chooses between answering a question truthfully and performing a daring task. Both the Truth questions and Dare tasks are given other players. Truth or Dare is also popular among Adolescents and Children. Is there a friend whom you want to learn more about? Then, Truth or Dare is the game you need to get them to play. This website is part of RSG online. We develop various concepts to help people quickly find information online and also to provide tools that really benefit you! - [Read More]

https://www.onlineesports.com/ - https://www.onlineesports.com/ - Added on 2019-11-29 14:12:45

Wizards of the Coast, developer and publisher for Magic: The Gathering Arena has announced the plans for the next season of Magic esports. In addition, the tabletop game will also see a timeline laid out for players who wish to compete competitively too. In a post on the blog site, they talk about how big a year it has been for Magic esports. And that’s actually true. There have been a number of esports events such as the Mythic Championship series that has been running since February, including a bunch of other, smaller tournaments such as Fandom Legends. The Magic Pro League will have the Rivals League added to it, with the Players Tour getting added to the tabletop version of the game. The Players Tour is boasting more than $2.5M in prizes. The Mythic Invitationals offer $750k prize pool, having three competitions per season, with the Magic World Championships still being the top competition for the game with a $1M prize pool. The new direction in esports will give both players of the tabletop game, and the digital game in MTG: Arena twice as many qualification slots to players from all over the world. This will increase opportunities for players everywhere, no matter what platform they play on. The Premier Series events such as the SCG Tour and the LATAM Magic Series will also offer qualification aths to the Players Tour, meaning that players from all around the world can compete locally too, making it truly accessible no matter where you are in the world. There’s a total prize purse of over $10m for the next season running 2020-2021, which will include prizes and player support, combined across MTG: Arena and the tabletop version. Elaine Chase, Wizards of the Coast Vice President of Esports spoke about the upcoming year in esports: “We’re excited about Magic’s competitive future, with more opportunities for more players to reach the highest levels of competition in both tabletop Magic and MTG Arena, and creating awesome viewing experiences for fans to watch the best minds in Magic battle for glory.” There is still another four months of 2019 to go and a few more events coming up, notably in October, November and December, all of which will be held in the US. But each one of the Mythic Championships have been more popular than the last, so it’s no surprise that Wizards is laying out a fantastic plan for the esports future of the game. MTG: Arena is a free-to-play digital collectible card game from Wizards of the Coast and is a digital adaptation of the Magic: The Gathering card game. Much like the tabletop game, players who play the online version of the game get cards in a similar fashion by buying booster packs, completing daily achievements or earning them in-game. - [Read More]

eSports Interviews - https://www.larvacannon.com/ - Added on 2019-12-01 14:39:09

Last week, professional Hearthstone player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai played his last match of the year in the game’s Asia-Pacific Grandmasters league. In a post-game interview, he wore a gas mask and exclaimed “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!” This is a rallying cry in the on-going Hong Kong protests. Game developer and organizer Blizzard Entertainment deemed this appearance in violation of his contract, which forbids players to “offend a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damage Blizzard’s image.” Blitzchung received a year-long ban from the game’s competitions and had his winnings of the season withheld. Outrage was swift to arrive at the developer’s door. Gamers, its own employees and even US senators fell over each other to condemn the decision. Eventually the company was forced into a new one, which saw it relent somewhat. The ban was reduced to six months and the player would be awarded his prize money. While Blitzchung himself seems to have accepted this, some in the community still think it too heavy a punishment. With the developer’s annual BlizzCon convention coming up, it seems unlikely that the last word about all of this has been said. This will be an unpopular opinion, but perhaps it should be. - [Read More]

https://igre.games/ - https://igre.games/ - Added on 2019-12-09 14:53:53

Svaka igra u nasoj kolekciji je potpuno besplatna ??i nudi mnogo zabave. Svi, od naprednih igraca do povremenih igraca, ce voljeti nas veliki izbor. Ako trazite nekoliko minuta lagane zabave, imamo brze i jednostavne izazove. Bez obzira na to kako zelite igrati, igre.games je osmisljen kako bi vam pruzio savrseno iskustvo, svaki put! Zapocnite svoju avanturu odabirom kategorije ili preko trazilice u gornjem kutu. Uzivajte u potpuno besplatnom igranju! Najzabavnije i najuspjesnije nove IO igre poput Zombs.io, Splix.io, Moomoo IO, slijede ove opce smjernice. Igrac moze skociti pravo u igru ??jednim klikom. Neka bude super jednostavno za nauciti, ali tesko svladati, poput Krunker IO igre. Dopustite igracu da "skalira" svoje ovlasti u igri u odnosu na ostale igrace. I posljednje, ali ne najmanje bitno, ili su konkurentni ili kooperativni. Slither IO je dobar primjer. To je vrlo jednostavna igra, s jednostavnim kontrolama. Nema iskustva potrebnog za pocetak, sto znaci da ljudi to mogu vrlo brzo nauciti. Unatoc tome, igru ??je tesko svladati. Jednostavna, cista grafika takoder vrijedi spomenuti kao relevantna karakteristika zanra. - [Read More]

Buy cheap SWTOR Credits - https://www.gamereasy.com/ - Added on 2019-12-18 12:30:20

Founded in 2014, Gamereasy has provided global gamers with fast, safety MMO gaming service. We are made up of a group of highly experienced gamers as well as professional B2C operators.When seeing this whole market is flooded with dishonest, low-quality and high banning rate services,like poor support, difficulty with refunds, dishonesty, poor living conditions, high ban rates. We need to improve this,we will create a new mmorpg currency service standard. We are more than a MMORPG Online Game Store. We aim to heighten your gaming experience and help you fulfill your goals in game. International Group Our players come from all around the world; so does our team, composed of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Arabic members. Not only do they possess intercultural & communication skills, they also share a common interest for gaming, which allow them to be able to listen and understand the players, and then act accordingly. For any problem, they can find a solution for you. Fast & Safety Trade By keeping our website up-to-date, we can ensure an upscale shopping experience thanks to a reliable and secure transaction platform: your payments as well as any information given to us are 100% protected and will never be acquired by any third parties. If you have any problem, Please feel free to contact us,and we will provide you the most professional customer support. And it will open for you 24 hours every day. Skype:joodo58 Email:info@gamereasy.com he coupons are available for all orders at Gamereasy.com website, including orders for Gold & Items & Power Leveling. Follow the given steps below to get certain coupons that you need and use them directly when you place orders at our website.f you are happy with our service of swtor god, wow gold,Mu diamonds ,Neverwinter diamonds etc. and would like to write a review of our Gamereasy w on a site (such as blog, forum or social site), please sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Possibly, contact us with the URL of the review and you will be given a 8% coupon code for your orders within the next 30 days. - [Read More]

Ultimate guide to Nintendo switch - https://www.optimizedlife.com/nintendo-switch-ultimate-guide-to-the-best-games-and-accessories/ - Added on 2020-01-01 14:04:53

What is Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that is similar to the Wii. However, there are many things Nintendo has done to make the Switch awesome. The Switch came out in 2017 and was just in time for Nintendo after taking a huge hit financially in 2014 due to the decline of Wii U sales and other mobile gaming competition. The Nintendo Switch was designed as a way to rebrand Nintendo and targeted as a way to play one game in a few different modes. Because of this, “it is the only gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.” These modes include tabletop mode, TV mode, and handheld mode. Nintendo Switch is designed to transform from a home gaming console to a portable system in seconds. When Nintendo Switch first launched, they expected to do 2 million in the first month but they actually sold 3 million in the first month after they launched the Switch! Needless to say, it was “on and poppin” after that! The Switch itself comes with a few goodies in the box but if you want extra, you have to know what to get. Nintendo makes some really cool accessories but third-party add-ons have added a whole new gaming experience and the best part is most of them are super cheap! We have put together the top 7 best Nintendo Switch accessories you must try to Optimize your gaming experience. All The Accessories! Glass Screen Protector Screen Protectors Switch Trust me when I say, you NEED a screen protector. Try glass screen protectors. They offer clear, bubble-free and scratch-resistant protection for your Switch. They come with two just in case you need a spare and you eventually will. - [Read More]


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